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The Color Makes the Room: The Psychology of Colors

Whether you are looking for a fresh coat of paint or to revamp your interior or exterior walls, the color is a pivotal part of the decision making process. From the textures, to the sheen, to even the slightest hint of shade, not all paints are created equal. Not only that, but not all colors create the same psychological reaction as others, either. In the game of popularity, there are colors that are destined to be on walls, and those who may be better reserved for accent decor throughout the house. Either way, colors are always an easy, inexpensive way to change a room when done by a professional like South Florida Trust Painting. What type of feeling you want from a room is solely up to you and your taste, which is the best part. No one can make that decision except for you and your unique perspective!


Breathe in and say, “Ahhhh” to the calming color of Blue. Blue is calming and ubiquitous with zen.  It is the most popular color because it symbolizes the sky and heaven. Navy blue channels the nautical themes of the Northeast, whereas lighter blues bring back memories of the time you spent on the Aegean sea. Those who like blue are known to be trustworthy, loyal, friendly and strong. With its calming power, blue works well in the bedroom or bathroom. Blue is popular because it’s just so enjoyable to be around, you can’t help but love it. It’s such a great color, Beyoncé and Jay-Z Carter named their first child after the hue. Everything is love, and Blue is everything!



Yellow represents happiness, optimism, inspiration and Summer. People who would love a year-round Summer are naturally drawn to this color. Those who like yellow are attracted to what’s new and modern. Pale Yellow can bring a sunny feel to a space without being overwhelming to the eye. This color is best suited for kitchens and exteriors, depending on the shade. A creamy Yellow can be a great neutral, whereas an electric Yellow may be an exciting accent wall. The possibilities are endless with this versatile and eclectic color. Add some sunshine to your everyday life with a splash of Yellow this season!


Purple stimulates the imagination. It is the color of royalty, luxury, and wealth. Those who like purple tend to be creative, wise, and romantic. Want to create a sense of relaxation and serenity in a room? Try painting the walls a calming shade of Lilac. If you want to create a commanding and dramatic space, try a Royal Purple. These colors work best in bedrooms and living rooms, but you can always add a splash of Purple on the backs of bookshelves to add a pop of unexpected glamour in an otherwise neutral room. There is a reason the Royals love Purple, and it is not because it is soft spoken. This color is great for a creative teen’s bedroom, but it can also be an exciting jolt of color in a living room. Be daring with this rich color and have fun!


Nothing says “confident” quite like the color Red. Sexy, regal, and powerful, this color brings instant appeal to any room. Maroon can bring an antique and fancy feel to a dining room. Red is the most psychologically stimulating of colors, so it is best to use a Bright Red sparingly. Those who like Red are passionate, energetic, outgoing and courageous. Sometimes all you need are pops of red decor in a neutral space to truly add spice and flavor without making the room over done. Lipstick Red is always the right choice, but in moderation. Burgundy, however, can create a romantic, calming space when paired with golds and other bright neutrals. Proper shades are key with this enticing color, but are a must for any modernist’s space.


Green is the color that comes to mind when you daydream of hiking in the woods. If nature is your first love, this is the color for you. Calm and relaxing, green can also be described as joyful, harmonious, energized, and filled with life. Those who like Green are said to believe in balance, stability, and persistence. Bring energy to a room by painting it a shade of Lime Green, or a sense of blue-blooded academia with a Forest Green study room. Green is a Jack of all trades, it all depends on the shade and application. Have fun with this color and see what side it brings out of you!


Pink is not just for babies anymore. This color has splashed back to the trend scene with an impossibly cool big sister, “Millennial Pink”. Perfect for any trend setter’s room, this is the delicate side of the Red color family. Those who like Pink are perceived to be feminine, innocent and romantic. Compared to Red, Pink is a more tranquil color that can work well in the bedroom, but can be even more interesting with accents strewn through the house in accent walls and decor. In the words of the Pink Powerhouse Elle Woods, “Whoever said Orange was the new Pink is seriously disturbed!”. Give this newly androgynous color a go with lighter hues, or electrify a room with Hot Pink accents. There’s nothing this color can’t do!


Brown is a necessity for any home, whether in accent borders, outdoors, or an entire room. In the right shade, this color can create a soft canvas for anyone who would love to hang a gallery wall of photographs, and can shine in harmony with any vibrant color. This color works best with others, and shines in its natural form of wood or paneling. This color works best in Kitchens or Dens, where you can hang a lot of fun decor on the walls that can pop in front of the complimentary shade of Brown’s siblings, Taupe and Mauve. Brown represents earth, security, and contentment. Those who like Brown tend to love nature, simplicity, and comfort, which is exactly what this color brings to the walls. If you are down with Brown, this team player is a pinch hitter for any homeowner not committed to a bright vibrant color just yet, but wants a blank canvas without being so, well, blank.


Orange is the kid your parents warned you about, but you couldn’t stay away from their oh-so-cool rebellious behavior. The color commands attention, and is the perfect color for those who are bold enough to try it. Orange is usually considered wholesome and fruitful. It demands attention while symbolizing balance, warmth, vibrancy, and enthusiasm. People who like orange are friendly and get along with everyone. Orange stimulates appetite and can add spice to a dining area, but can also make an effervescent punch in a living room space. It isn’t recommended for a bedroom as the color may electrify your senses to the point of no sleep, but hey, who needs caffeine when you can have an Orange bedroom? With the right touches, this powerful color can bring balance to a room with little to no extra decor needed. Perfect for minimalists who want to add some electricity to their walls.


There is nothing that isn’t right when it comes to a White room. It’s the perfect blank canvas that can either bring peace to one person, or complete boredom to another. With White, the possibilities are endless, minimal, contemporary, or a mere primer color for an Orange and Pink accent wall. White represents youth and cleanliness and creates a cool, refreshing feeling. Those who like White prefer a contemporary style. Warmer shades of White help make a room feel cozier, while cooler shades tend to achieve a more formal feel. Although this is not recommended for a messier person as this color holds no prisoners when it comes to showing stains, it is easy to wash off as there is no worry of color fading or bleeding. White is the reserved introvert in class that does its best work when paired with creatives to make something truly special, without it being over the top. A dash of White in a colorful room can even serve as a surprising twist of serenity in an otherwise chaotic space. White is the chameleon of the color group and is an essential to any living space when you’re changing colors on the walls.


If Black walls could talk, they would probably tell you that you are not cool enough to be in their presence. Black represents elegance, mystery, and power. Those who like Black are said to be ambitious and sophisticated. A Black accent wall in a sea of white is just as dramatic as an entirely Lime Green and Yellow room, without half of the work and eye sore. Black is the undercover spy who can swoop in and instantly enhance a room from drab to dramatic with one coat. Too much black is often associated with being too dark or gothic, but it truly is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s gothic is another man’s paradise. Using this bold color is best when used sparingly as too much can weaken the otherwise powerful color’s effect on the psyche. However, if you’re not a morning person and do not need to wake up early in the morning on a regular basis, this may be the best option for you to catch Z’s in your own cozy cave. Are you bold enough to Blackout your walls?


Gray is the peacemaker of the color palette, because it works so well with all colors. Gray is classic, elegant, and the perfect canvas for all types of knick knacks, paintings, plants, you name it. People who like Gray are known to be intelligent and disciplined, which makes sense given its no-nonsense vibes. Warm Gray paired with other warm colors creates a lively and inviting space. Gray’s flashy cousin Silver represents prosperity and wealth. People who like Silver have a sense of style and are very motivated. Accenting rooms with the color Silver can create a feeling of ornate richness. Pair these two together and you can create something truly special in an otherwise simplistic color palette.

If you are seeking a professional painting service in West Palm Beach to switch up your home’s color scheme, please give the exceptional professionals at South Florida Trust Painting a call or visit their website at southfloridatrustpainting.com. The experts at South Florida Trust Painting have the proper tools and painting methods to ensure beautiful and cleanly painted walls.

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